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Twenty-first Century Public Relations and Marketing with Jayme Simoes

“The class opened my eyes to the broad area of PR. I have learned about many places and ways to get the word out as well as pitfalls to watch out for. The class was comprehensive, with some history and background, real life case studies, theories and current changes with technology.”

“Great dialogue. It opened my eyes as to what public relations is all about.”

“The instructor was marvelous. The classes were presented extremely well. I have learned an incredible amount in just a few weeks. I’m going to miss class time!”

Advanced Multimedia Storytelling with Geoff  Forester and Don Himsel

“I learned and focused. I am inspired to continue to explore photos, audio and video”

“Art and science elements of multimedia were presented. Great for my novice perspective”

“I learned bite-size professional bits which the instructor drew from his experience.”

“Don’s enthusiasm and interest in journalism is inspiring. He makes the subject fun. It was an awesome joy to be part of this class and to learn from Don.”

“I got exactly what I wanted, and then some – from the mechanics of audio recording, editing and mixing – adding audio to photos and learning more about contemporary journalism.”

“I tried something I had never done before. I was empowered and am excited about using what I’ve learned.”

Writing News Releases with Stacy Milbouer and Tom Long

“I loved the real-life examples, practical applications and resources that will continue to help after today.”

“During this course, I realized I was writing my news releases wrong. It was great to learn from the experts.”

“It truly was fun.”

Freelance Writing with Beth LaMontagne Hall

“Intimate, great advice.”

“Beth is awesome.”

“The workshop covered unpublished writers’ goals and helped dispel some fear and uncertainly of how to approach editors and get published.”

Photoshop with Debi Rapson

“We covered all of the basics. I can use Photoshop now!”

“I liked the amount of organized information the teacher provided in such a short time.”

First Amendment with Attorney Gregory Sullivan

“I liked our discussions about various cases involving the 1st Amendment. It was interesting to hear about the various applications of free speech rights and exceptions to them.”

“Very informal. Great examples given to back up points.”

Telling Your Family Story Workshop

“All of the speakers were excellent – a varied and diverse group of professionals who all were well-spoken and interesting to listen to.”

“What I liked about the course was the experience and high caliber of the speakers. Their accumulated wisdom gave the presentations real substance.”

Photography for Public Relations with Geoff Forester Photojournalism with Geoff Forester

“Thank you for offering the class I took this past summer with Geoff Forester on Photography for Public Relations. I am fairly new at photography and had to share exciting news I have had since taking photos with some of the suggestions made by Mr. Forester. He was a great instructor and it was a fun class. Within the past few months, I have won several awards.”

Photojournalism with Geoff Forester

“Geoff knows his stuff, gives great examples, inspires others.”

“I loved everything about the course. Geoff is an amazing teacher and photographer. I also loved the array of people I’ve met.”

Public Speaking with Andrea Bard

“I recently attended the Public Speaking & Professional Presentation workshop and the Writing Press Releases workshops. Both were very good and I look forward to attending more programs at the Loeb School. By the numbers attending both programs, other people have also discovered that the Loeb School is a wonderful resource for professional programs offered in a pleasant environment. Nice job!”