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Advanced Multimedia Storytelling Lab

 This class is designed for students familiar with using photography and multimedia skills to produce useable multimedia productions for their personal, business or organization websites or presentations.

 With a limited enrollment, it is designed to give participants valuable personal attention from instructors Geoff Forester and Don Himsel. It is highly recommended that participants already have completed one or more of the Loeb School’s classes and workshops in Multimedia, Photojournalism, Nature Photography or Photography for Public Relations.

The goal is for participants to complete at least one audio slide-show comprised of compelling photography and audio to tell a powerful story.

Students will need a digital camera, audio recorder and laptop. They also must be familiar with basic photography and the computer photo and audio editing system of their choice. Mobile devices such as iPhones, especially if equipped with a simple external microphone, are sufficient to gather audio, however, some less sophisticated phone cameras also can produce the quality photos suggested for this class. Students should consider purchasing SoundSlides software, though they will be able to use Apple's Imovie or Windows' Movie Maker. Class time will be spent doing hands-on work on projects.

Instructor Don Himsel is the photo editor/multi-media producer for The (Nashua) Telegraph. He is a former regional director of the National Press Photographers Association and has been a guest lecturer at the New England Newspaper and Press Association as well as the American Press Association in Reston, Virginia.

Geoff Forester has been a photojournalist for 30 years at four newspapers.  In 1994, he was named Photographer of the Year by the New Hampshire Photojournalists Association.  He also has been a photo editor at the Concord Monitor and the Boston Globe and has taught photography at Boston University, the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

Participant quotes:

"I learned and focused. I am inspired to continue to explore photos, audio and video"

"Art and science elements of multimedia were presented. Great for my novice perspective"

learned bite-size professional bits which the instructor drew from his experience."

"Don's enthusiasm and interest in journalism is inspiring. He makes the subject fun. It was an awesome joy to be part of this class and to learn from Don." 



The Broadcasting class is taught by an award-winning team from WMUR TV, including Reporter Andy Hershberger and Director of News Operations Jim Breen. While producing broadcast news stories of their own, students learn about where broadcast news fits in the ever-changing world of news reporting, the technical magic behind getting the news on the air and the nuts and bolts of covering stories and writing and editing copy. Add a dose of ethical issues and the First Amendment, and a student comes away with a well-rounded introduction to broadcast news

Participant quotes:

"The class was informative and insightful. There was a lot of useful information in six short weeks."

This six-week class begins Jan 10, 2018 Click Here to Register

Creative Writing

Whether you want to write a short story, the great American novel or just a better Facebook post, it’s essential to turn down the volume on the critical voice whispering in your ear and free yourself to write what you were meant to write. This course, taught by two published fiction, poetry and non-fiction writers - Stacy Milbouer and Tom Long -  will give you not just the skills, but the confidence to express yourself in words. Through exercises, group discussion and individual critique, you’ll hone your skills and free your mind to become a better writer.

This six-week class begins March 14, 2018 Click Here to Register

Creative Writing II

This is an in-depth follow-up of our basic Creative Writing class. Having completed the basic class is helpful, but anyone with experience in writing is welcome.  The class will include weekly writing exercises and work on one or two extensive projects including a polished short story.

This six-week class begins Sept. 12, 2018 Click Here to Register

Digital Audio Production

This class is designed to help students learn audio production skills that can be used at work or for home projects. Ed Brouder, a veteran broadcaster and college instructor,  will teach students to record, edit and mix audio, using digital software for production and distribution to various media, including web, podcast, radio and video. 

Topics will include: microphone selection & technique, compression, sampling and audio file formats.

A laptop with audio editing software, a microphone and USB flashdrive are required.

The objective is to create and present audio projects in a professional manner. Class projects will include a 30-second commercial, three-minute music montage and three-minute feature interview.


Preferred: Adobe Audition software (part of the Adobe CS6 suite)

Alternate: Audacity software (free download)

Microphones - TBD

Headphones - TBD

USB flash drives

This six-week class begins January 10, 2018 Click Here to Register

Digital Media

This course will help attendees enhance their business, non-profit or personal brand through technology.

With media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email Newsletters and traditional marketing communications, business leaders and marketing professionals need to find the right combination for their Multi-Channel approach. Instructor Griffin LaFleur, Marketing Strategist at Penguin Strategies, a leading marketing and consulting company for businesses, will examine techniques used by modern marketers in the digital age and how businesses and organizations can use them to better reach target audiences.

This class is primarily for individuals who want to get the most out of available digital media tools, focusing on popular Social Media Outlets and other helpful software for connecting with clients. Students must bring a laptop or tablet.

 This six-week class begins Jan 10, 2018 Click Here to Register

Editorial Cartooning (online)

Pictures and illustrations are a great way to improve communications skills. This online course will lead students to explore their creativity and visual conceptualization skills. Students will use hands-on learning to explore editorial cartooning; idea development; and famed illustrators lives, styles and techniques.

With a focus on political and social commentary, students will create illustrations and are encouraged to develop and work in their own individual style. Beginning with sketches and developing an idea through to the final artwork, students will learn to enhance editorial communication by creating visual images.

METHODOLOGY: Each week students will be sent an email with links to instructions, examples and audio/visual lectures and support. Download all materials. Students can do this on the posting day (Wednesday) or any other day and time that is convenient. Students have a week to study the lessons and complete an easy weekly assignment. They will scan or photograph the work and email it to the instructor. The work will not be graded, so submitting it is optional.

The instructor is Ron Plante, an illustrator, graphic designer and teacher.
This class is offered to students 16 years and older.

Participant quotes:

"I enjoyed the challenging assignments that made us think creatively."

"The cartooning class was comprehensive, with some history and background, real life case studies, theories and current changes with technology."

First Amendment Media Law

None of the classes at the Nackey S. Loeb School would mean much without the First Amendment to protect Americans' right to free speech and free press. Attorney Gregory Sullivan, who has argued numerous First Amendment cases before the N.H. Supreme Court and teaches First Amendment law at Suffolk Law School, presents students an easy-to-understand course on the protections enjoyed by the media and how to stay within their guidelines. The course prompts lively debates on how far the media can, and should, go in reporting the news and how the law guides public officials as they conduct the public's business. Students will learn about past and recent court cases and discuss issues in the headlines.

Participant quotes:

"I liked that simple, frank discussion was allowed."

"I liked our discussions about various cases involving the 1st Amendment. It was interesting to hear about the various applications of free speech rights and exceptions to them."

"Very informal. Great examples given to back up points."

This six-week class begins Jan 10, 2018 Click Here to Register

Food Writing 

From social media to "food forward" quarterlies, journals and travel essays -- not to mention the always popular “restaurant review” genre -- everyone is writing about food. Why shouldn’t you?   Food Writing with Carolyn Choate is fun and informative and could lead to some pretty tasty freelance opportunities.  Or, it could help take your personal hobby to the next level.  Writing prompts, food tastings and guest speakers are all part of this delish writing experience. 

Guest speakers for the 2017 session include veteran food editor and photographer, Susan Laughlin, whose work has graced New Hampshire Magazine for more than 15 years, and Rosaly Bass, the proprietor and founder of New Hampshire’s oldest certified organic farm in Peterborough (1973). Rosaly is sure to inspire as she relays how, 40 years later, she completed the book she always wanted to write ... with her favorite recipes included. 

 News Writing: Real, Not Fake

News writers verify, clarify and tell compelling stories that inform the community, uncover wrongdoing and sometimes even change the world. In this class, students will learn the basics of reporting and writing the news with hands-on exercises and by covering real news events. Students will examine journalism as a genre and discuss best practices for accuracy, fairness and newsworthiness. This class is appropriate those interested in producing journalism, but it also is useful for anyone trying to make sense of a profession that is evolving daily.

Instructor Mark Hayward has been a reporter/columnist at the New Hampshire Union Leader for more than 20 years. As a general assignment reporter, he is called on daily to quickly and accurately research and write news stories about a broad range of topics.

This six-week class begins Sept. 12, 2018 Click Here to Register


Taught by veteran news photographer Geoff Forester, this course helps students identify and use the elements of good news photography. Through hands-on activities and practical assignments, students learn the skills of telling a story through photographs and produce a photo essay. (Students must supply a digital SLR camera).

Participant quotes:

"Geoff knows his stuff, gives great examples, inspires others."

"I loved everything about the course. Geoff is an amazing teacher and photographer. I also loved the array of people I've met."

"I wanted to thank you for offering the class I took this past summer with Geoff Forester on Photography for Public Relations. I am fairly new at photography and had to share the exciting news I have had since taking photos with some of the suggestions made by Mr. Forester. He was a great instructor and it was a fun class. Within the past few months, I have won several awards!" (Lydia Williams)

This six-week class begins Sept 12, 2018 Click Here to Register

Photoshop Elements 12: The Basics

This six-week course covers the basics of using Adobe Photoshop Elements. While there are a lot of things that can be done with photos, we focus on basic structure, including ethical considerations.

For instance, what are all those hieroglyphics in the tools palettes and how do users find what they need in a hurry? We discuss the logic behind the way the menus are laid out to help find things more easily and we cover basics needed to create good printed pictures and designs, both at home and/or in a more commercial setting. Yes, there are differences!

Cost is $50

This six-week class begins March 14, 2018 Click Here to Register

Photoshop Elements 12: Beyond the Basics

This six-week course covers keyboard shortcuts and more advanced functionality for those who have a handle on what Photoshop can do. Things like specialized filters/transparency functions, layers, resolution, how to create cool special effects with color and black and white, quality color correction versus "good enough," size considerations for enlarging and cropping photos.

The course also highlights differences in using Photoshop for print products and web and computerized production. For instance, why can content copied from the web look "fuzzy" when printed on paper?

Cost is $50

Participant quotes:

"We covered all of the basics. I can use Photoshop now!"

"I liked the amount of organized information the teacher provided in such a short time."

This six-week class begins Sept 12, 2018 Click Here to Register

Travel Writing

Like to travel? Like to write? Like to have your writing help pay for your travel?
This class is for you Husband/wife team Stacy Milbouer and Tom Long will cover some basics of travel writing, including pitches, ethics and publication. Stacy and Tom have collaborated on travel articles for many publications, including "Yankee Magazine," and are regular contributors to "New Hampshire Magazine." Together, they have over 60 years experience as journalists.

This six-week class begins March 14, 2018 Click Here to Register

Video Production

This class is designed to help students learn how to prepare video segments that meet quality standards suitable for professional use or family enjoyment.

Videographer and college video production instructor Michael Johnston has built the course around storytelling that combines moving and still images with the sounds of a location, interviews and commentary. The emphasis is on creating non-fictional works that explore community and family history or tell the story of an organization or business. By the end of six weeks, students will know how to frame actions, record sounds to support and advance the visuals, and bring these elements together to tell a story that is informative and emotionally satisfying, dramatizing a significant moment.


Recording tools

A video camera, a Smartphone or an SLR type camera in video mode with a digital recorder such as a Zoom H1N will work well to gather footage and sounds. Each type of equipment offers advantages but also has limitations to consider. The instructor will provide samples of broadcast and theatrical microphones to familiarize you with these options, but they are not required for the course.

Editing tools

A laptop with iMovie (Mac) or Moviemaker (PC) is fine for editing short films. Moviemaker and iMovie are well-developed programs and included free in the respective operating systems. Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro are industry standards.

This six-week class begins Sept 12, 2018 Click Here to Register

Twenty-first Century Public Relations and Marketing

Taught by two respected communications professionals,  this class will look at the new approach to public relations, the marketing function by which businesses, political candidates, non-profits, entertainers and a wide  variety of organizations work to build understanding and advance their mission and goals. Public relations is practiced as an applied social science to help build relationships and support, form public opinion and manage crises.

Instructors Jayme and Laura Simoes of Louis Karno & Company Communications will cover the new ideas and ethics of PR, how to write effectively, PR tactics, media relations, crisis communications and PR in new media. Guest speakers will share insights into new thinking.
This six-week class begins March 14, 2018 Click Here to Register

Writing Memoirs

It’s your story to tell. Not a dry chronological inventory of your life since birth. Not a private entry in your diary. It’s an honest, thought-provoking, emotional, outrageous, humorous, inspirational narrative about an aspect of your life worth sharing. A life-changing obstacle you overcame, perhaps, or a remarkable adventure only you can recount. Whatever the reason, make your story the most compelling you’ll ever write, so it will be the most compelling they’ll every read.  Carolyn Choate, long-time producer at WYCN tv13 Nashua and a memoir “junkie, " will help you master the elements of this best-selling genre that breaks the conventions of autobiography and journaling to create a rare “self-portrait” from the album of personal memory and experience. Class discussions, reading short works from distinguished memoirists (and a few infamous ones) and weekly writing

exercises/assignments will have you well on your way to becoming a bona fide writer of memoir.

Joining Carolyn for an evening will be Dan Szczesny, 2016 winner of the NH Literary Award in Non-Fiction for the his memoir the Nepal Chronicles: Marriage, Mountains, and Momos in the Highest Place on Earth. In addition to several popular travel-related memoirs, Dan is a long-time journalist and associate publisher of the Hippo.

This six-week class begins September 12, 2018 Click Here to Register

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