Loeb School Offers Media Skills Boot Camp

 Become a more effective media communicator and spokesperson!

The Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications is offering a one-day Media Skills Boot Camp for anyone who uses the media to deliver a message.

The session, on Oct. 25, is designed to help people in business, government, non-profits, medicine, sports, education or any field improve media skills and boost their brand..

Former award-winning NECN news anchor Mike Nikitas, now a media consultant to top corporations and an adjunct professor at UNH, brings three decades of communications and teaching experience to a friendly, positive presentation. He covers understanding different media and the approaches that work best in each, demystifying what reporters look for, developing and sticking to a message, how to be clear and concise and basic crisis planning.

Participants also learn how body language, dress and voice can help or hinder their message and get the chance to put the tips to use in videotaped interviews.

The workshop is being offered on Oct. 25, from 9-3:30. The fee is $60, including lunch.

Register here or call 627-0005.